1990 – Özdemir Dental Prosthesis Laboratory; was founded in Ankara with the mission of adding a new and established brand. It was a long-time leader in the sector in Turkey as Dentists’ solution partner.

2005 – With the institutionalized structure, it added value to its brand as winning dental prosthesis tenders in Hacettepe University, Gazi University, Ankara University and in many universities across Turkey.

2008 – Started her studies in Digital Dentistry, prioritizing technological innovations, with the establishment of CAD/CAM systems.

2015 – In Ankara / Kızılay, its clinic started to render quality service.

2018 – In the face of increasing demand, after long feasibility studies; total of 200 m2, 4 dental unit, X-ray Room, Sterilization Unit, Physician / Patient Rest Room available within; Aura Dental started to serve in a modern two-storey residence type plaza.

Aura Dental Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic Co.Ltd.