Dental implants; to restore aesthetics and functions of lost teeth for various reasons; artificial titanium tooth roots placed in the jawbone.

Titanium artificial tooth roots, thanks to the components in the bone structure is very compatible.

Teeth losses, such as jaw joint problem; aesthetic problems, chewing and speech disorders also affect our daily life negatively.

Implant treatment is the most effective treatment for all these problems. Implant treatment is performed in individuals with adequate bone in the jawbone and in general good health conditions and has a high success rate.

success rate.

All On Four Implant Method

All On Four Implant method, is a method which is being places according to the angles determined for the patients without complete dentures; is a method of fixing dental prosthesis on four dental implants.

It offers the opportunity to perform a fixed dental prothesis on the same day with a single surgical procedure for the patients without complete dentures; also, its operation process is shorter.

The operation is easier because no further surgical procedure is performed, such as a sinus upgrade operation or bone addition.