Cosmetic Dentistry is to make a beautiful design according to one’s expectations as evaluating the teeth, lips, gums and face as a whole.

The main goal here is to achieve healthy and natural beauty. In the scope of aesthetic applications; changing or correcting the color, form, position, size of the teeth, restoring symmetry.

The basis of these practices lies in creating percent symmetry. High success is achieved in every aesthetic application based on gold ratio and symmetry.

Aesthetic Dental Treatments;

  • Design of smile
  • Ceramic Laminate Crowns
  • Composite Laminate Crowns
  • Application of full ceramic crown and bridge prosthesis without metal support.

Pink Aesthetics (aesthetics of the gum)

It is a method used especially in patients with excessive sighted gums.

With this method, the patient’s gums are reshaped with appropriate size of laser or scalpel.

This method is called gingivoplasty (pink aesthetic). Shape to be made; the size of the patient’s gums is decided

It is not a painful procedure because it is applied under local anesthesia. The patient can return to his daily life in a short time. In gingivoplasty applied by laser method, bleeding is minimum or no bleeding at all.