It is our department that provides restoration of the loss of material in natural teeth, missing teeth and surrounding tissues with artificial materials, and correcting and maintaining oral functions, aesthetics and patient health.

Movable and fixed prostheses can be divided into two.

Movable Prosthetics

Total prosthesis; It is a form of prosthesis made in the absence of all teeth; prosthesis with removable palate.


Partial dentures; They are removable prostheses in some cases where some of the main teeth are present, some not.

Fixed prostheses

Fixed prostheses are stationary prostheses that

are applied in one or more teeth deficiency

Fixed dentures are not available for all types of toothlessness.

For the application of fixed prosthesis, there should be at least two strong and long rooted teeth in order to provide prosthesis retention at both ends of the toothless area.

This application is called a bridge.

However, it is available in fixed dentures that can be applied on a single tooth.

Fixed prostheses in itself have crowns, bridges, laminate crowns, inlays, maryland bridges and telescope crowns.